Over the years at Cambridge Kinesiology I've had the privilege to first-hand see people make wonderful recoveries, and often experience life-changing healing. I believe that the holistic nature of kinesiology can bring really powerful results in a wide range of health and wellbeing issues. But don't just hear it from me, find out what my clients are saying...

With Maja’s expertise and guidance I have now managed to eliminate all the pain and fatigue I was suffering. I’m quite literally a new man!

- Rob -


"For over a decade I had serious joint and back pain, which I struggled to get resolved through the medical profession. I saw GPs, arthritis specialists, physiotherapists and many more… I had pretty much given up!! On a recommendation from a friend, I saw Maja. I’m a quite sceptical person and not really a user of alternative medicines, but felt I had nothing to lose. 

In our first session, Maja listened to my issues, and after a few tests confidently suggested that I had a number of food intolerances along with some other contributing factors.  

Since that first meeting, it has been a life changing moment. Her knowledge has help guide me through to a place that I never thought I could reach. With Maja’s expertise and guidance I have now managed to eliminate all the pain and fatigue I was suffering. I’m quite literally a new man!

I would recommend Maja, and Kinesiology, wholeheartedly to anyone suffering in the way I was. Six months on, I’m easily maintaining the direction that Maja set. I really cannot convey how grateful I am to her, and her practice."

- Rob -



“Dear Maja, just wanted to say a big Thank You for the treatment on my shoulder.


I’d had various therapies to try and get it more mobile and stronger – not to mention less painful but kinesiology has definitely been the most successful to date.


I could feel the difference after just one session although I appreciate it takes more to fully solve the problem but even now several weeks later I have not had anywhere near the same problems, it has remained more mobile and I’ve had fewer twinges, I fully intend to have some more treatment on it to get it even better. Thanks again!”

- Angela -



"Everybody needs a kinesiologist in their lives - whether you suffer from migraines, anxiety, eczema, stress, grief - Maja weaves her magic - calms you down, talks everything through and sends you away feeling positive, exhausted, yet walking on air.


By using muscle testing to determine your body's immediate stresses and needs, she tailors a treatment to suit you, followed by supplement plan (if necessary) to help you on the road to recovery. Our sessions are chatty, fun and, as she is an expert in many disciplines, I treasure the 'me' time I have when I visit her, knowing that life will be manageable and more positive when I leave. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

- LB -



"I have had insomnia for 10 Years. I had been a ton of times to the doctor, and I was referred to a sleep unit where they couldn’t pinpoint why I was not able to sleep nor give me a long term solution.


Along the years I have tried CBT, mindfulness, hypnotherapy and many other possible remedies but my nights were always long and sleepless. Maja checked me and advised me to cut out gluten and gave me some supplements to take. After three weeks I was sleeping through the night! And I still am! To top things off I was suffering with knee pain for three years and that has disappeared too, I can even exercise and not feel my knee at all! I must admit I was sceptical, but the evidence is clear, kinesiology works! Maja has been a life saver. I feel so much better than two months ago – it’s amazing!"

- Rosa - 

There is no stiffness in the morning and NO PAIN. I’m not on any medications, but manage it all through kinesiology, a better diet and some mineral and vitamin supplements.

- Aga -


"I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in April 2019 after two years of symptoms, I was feeling heavy and tired all the time and I was not able to do daily tasks like cooking. Even getting up in the morning was a struggle. To do anything was an effort and I was constantly in pain and felt exhausted. 

The doctors wanted to put me on antidepressants and other medications, but I refused. I started looking for alternative therapies and that is how I came across Maja’s website.  After my first session I felt lighter, less achy and I had more energy. After that I started to see more improvements after each session. I changed my diet following Maja's treatment plan and she also recommended some supplements. Now I'm able to go shopping and come back not feeling exhausted and go up the stairs without a struggle. There is no stiffness in the morning and NO PAIN. I’m not on any medications, but manage it all through kinesiology, a better diet and some mineral and vitamin supplements.


Kinesiology has helped me to feel "normal " again and I look forward to each session with Maja as I always feel better and stronger afterwards. I believe I’m going to be able to dance again and even go back to doing sports one day! I would recommend Maja to anyone who suffers from chronic pain or any other health issues. Thank you very much Maja."

- Aga -




“Following on from my daughter’s recovery from a rare form of leukaemia, I wanted to give her the necessary tools to help re-build her gut/organs but also needed some help myself for post stress and trauma. At the same time as her diagnosis I gave birth to a third child so my body had been in survival only mode, (as opposed to renewal) for a long time. My symptoms included lack of energy, constant colds, bloating, joint pain, tummy ache and sickness feeling, anxiety, brain fog etc.

Maja graciously listened to my story and my symptoms and immediately identified my holistic issues rather than addressing one problem only. The result has been a realignment of my body, mind and soul to another level! Thanks to the supplements my body has craved and is now receiving, and the diagnosis and treatment of adrenal wear and tear, combined with a gluten-free diet, I feel I am on the road to newness.


My daughter has now also started her own programme of recovery including diet and supplements. I have been wanting to start filling her up with goodness again for a while but have not known where to start and Maja has tailored her restoration perfectly for me which gives me such hope for her renewed health & wholeness, every mother’s dream!”


- Alice -



"Maja worked her magic on me and helped me heal at a point when my life felt like it was tumbling after a difficult trauma. I was experiencing very frequent and vivid flashbacks and pain/body memories that were incredibly difficult to deal with. 

I knew Maja from before when she had helped me greatly with chronic pain and food intolerances. So I turned to her to see if she could help me recover from my trauma and ease the PTSD symptoms. I knew I was in safe hands with Maja, and she used her incredible knowledge and professionalism, combined with an amazing sense of intuition, to ease my flashbacks and help me on my road to recovery. 

I now rarely have flashbacks, and feel better than I ever have. I honestly don’t know where I would be now without Maja’s help, and can’t thank her enough for her kindness, and keeping things full of light and hope amongst the darkness.

I live abroad but regularly fly back to Cambridge for kinesiology sessions with Maja as they are just so helpful. No matter what you’re suffering from I highly recommend Maja and kinesiology to help you feel better!


Thanks so much Maja! I'll always be hugely grateful for all your help."


- Kate -




“It all began last October when I felt sick and almost unable to eat for days. Weeks passed and I kept feeling unwell, this is when I started to go to my doctor. They did blood and stool tests and of course came back with nothing. I was so tired and lacking energy I was convinced there was something awfully wrong and started to inflict other physical problems on myself. I felt very low and unable to cope in general and suffering from anxiety the doctor suggested I went on anti depressants. This was my lowest point, how did I get this low?

I went to see an aromatherapist and she asked if I had tried kinesiology, as that could help with digestive problems. I was so desperate I picked the computer up and searched for my nearest, this is when Maja Asell popped up. I rang and managed to get an appointment the following day.

I was so pleased when she told me she could help and that I wasn’t imagining all my symptoms. After the first treatment and all the nutrition I was already starting to feel much better. 3 months later I am feeling amazing, my anxiety has completely gone and have never felt better.

I honestly do not know where I would be today had I not gone to see Maja. I am truly grateful. Thank you”

- Becky -

Maja didn’t help me, she fixed me! I couldn't recommend her enough. Doctors, surgeons and medications couldn't help me, Maja achieved everything they couldn’t!

- Francesca -


“I had been suffering for years with bloating, pain, irregular bowels, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, brain fog, spending days on end in bed, just to mention a few. I had been unable to eat properly for all this time and was living off sweets and Coke Zero. My doctor put me on proton pump inhibitors and treatment for reflux. Four months later I was even worse. I was then referred for an ultrasound which showed I had gallstones. I had my gallbladder removed in July 2018.

The symptoms continued and I developed chronic nerve pain after surgery, and was taking my maximum pain relief cocktail of drugs every day which my surgeon and doctor thought was fine(!). After scans, multiple test, an A&E visit and 8 solid days in bed, I couldn’t take any more.

I found out about Kinesiology via my Reflexologist, and I booked in to see Maja. When I arrived she made me feel very comfortable and at ease - I was so relieved that she said she could help me. I took all of Maja’s advise and left feeling so much better than I had in a long time. The first day after seeing Maja I woke up pain free, the first time in years! My pain, energy levels, brain fog, bowel movements, nausea, everything just continued to disappear and improve. I was eating food again and was loving it. It was like I had been rebooted and feeling so positive.

Maja didn’t help me, she fixed me! I couldn't recommend her enough. Doctors, surgeons and medications couldn't help me, Maja achieved everything they couldn’t! I wish I had found her years ago. I have my life back, my children have their mum back, and my husband has his wife back. I’m back at work, I’m chasing round my children and I’ve been out for dinner with my husband for the first time in 6 years! I can't thank her enough. If you need help don't hesitate to contact her. Maja has given me back everything I thought I had lost and would never have again.”

- Francesca -



“I turned to Maja for help when I realised avoiding gluten improved my rheumatoid arthritis. Food intolerance seemed such a confusing field, but with Maja’s support I was quickly able to find other problem foods in my diet and discover helpful supplements too.


I’m now enjoying a new lease of life. I have lots more energy and the pain and swelling in my joints have dramatically subsided. Best of all, I’m able to enjoy walking my dogs again!”


- Kay -



“Hi Maja, I’m feeling SO much better already and it only took about 4 days of taking the Magnesium to start seeing a difference! I’ve lost 9 pounds, and have eaten more carbs and treated myself more than I have in the last year (all gluten free of course!) I am sleeping tonnes better, better than I have in years and feeling lethargic has practically disappeared!

I also think the flax seed worked great for my skin and I have barely had any ovary pain in the last month, which again I haven’t been pain free for this long in the last two years! I can’t thank you enough, and will hopefully see you soon!”

- Claire -



“Maja was recommended after an infection left me struggling in a way I had never experienced before.  The changes her treatments brought were rapid and profound. 


Calm and kind, you know you are in safe hands. I can’t recommend Maja highly enough.”

- Hilary -